• Nationwide Delivery

  • Palletised Rolls or Loose Rolls

  • Oversized Pallets

  • Next Day / Economy / Sameday Nationwide Delivery Service

  • Direct delivery - no networks or hub systems used

  • Oversized / Bulky Goods- all handled through our depot

  • Premium Services - AM / Timed available

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For in excess of 40 years we have been making deliveries for the textile industry.

We have the experience and know that the processes involved in the textile industry can be long and complicated ones. There are many different components involved along the way, from creating textiles to sourcing them for producing garments and other products. We want to ensure that your business runs efficiently and smoothly and therefore we understand the importance of having a good textile supply chain in place.

We know the impact that any delays and disruptions have upon your business and that's why we specialise in this area to ensure we prevent such happening.


We are happy to handle all shapes and sizes of rolls of textiles, whether they are palletised, loose, bulky, heavy or oversized.

At our depot and when loading / unloading your goods our staff are prepared to handball goods on and off their vehicles. For larger quantites we also have stillages / bins available to make loading / unloading and shipment a far slicker process. See below a few pictures of some bulky goods that we currently handle.

Bulky Rolls 2.jpg
Bulky Rolls Trunk.jpg


Unlike National carriers, your goods won't go through numerous depots, be handled many times or be restricted by maximum sizes. We are happy to carry any length of roll that your require distributing.


If sending your goods our on pallets is your preferred method either stacking in a pyramid 1.5m long or cross stacking as 1.5m squared pallets we can carry these with no issues and far more competitively than you would be able to through a pallet network. We aren't restricted by pallet spaces and due to this can offer far more competitive pricing for over-sized pallets. 


My rolls are 2m long, can you carry these?

Yes we don't have restrictions on length or weight.

How are my goods handled and transshipped?

You don't need to worry about your goods been transhipped and handled numerous times with us, as everything is collected and delivered direct from our depot in Halifax.


How much will it cost me to send my consignment?

Firstly, you will require a quote on your consignment, pallets or parcels. To do this, either fill out our Request a Quote form found at the top of this page, make sure you fill out all of the information and we will get back to you with a price as soon as possible. Alternatively email traffic@goodales.co.uk or give us a call on 01422 340 821.

What are the dimension and weight limits?

For full standard pallets, the load must not be bigger than the base of the pallet, it must weigh under 1000kg and it must not sit higher than 200cm. For half pallets, the load must weigh under 500kg and sit lower than 100cm and for quarter pallets, the load must weigh no more than 250kg and must sit lower than 60cm. Visit our pallet guideline page for more information. Don’t forget that with us not being in a network we can handle oversized pallets and you won’t be charged double rate. We are flexible with our pallets spaces and pricing.

What if I’m sending multiple items?

If you’re sending multiple items on one pallet, each item needs to be wrapped and packaged securely to protect it, but at the same time, each individually packaged item needs to fit onto the pallet with no overhang and needs to be packaged securely onto the pallet, this is so there is enough space for other pallets next to yours.