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Are your goods fragile? Do they need handling with care? Do you require minimal transshipment? 

Well if you do you are in safe hands using HRG.

Below are types of fragile goods that we handle and how we handle these goods.


Our vehicles are fitted with interchangeable aluminium frames. These frames are fitted with high-grade aluminium crossrails and EPDM rubber extrusions. The frames have a double bottom rail for the safe carriage of smaller items. The van floor is also drilled at regular intervals to house spiked internal poles to secure the frames throughout transit. 

These frames allow us to transport glass products and other large fragile goods safely. Our vans all also have blankets and ratchet straps to secure the loads to the frames. 

Everything we deliver is collected and delivered direct from our depot to avoid transshipment and damages. 


We can carry glass products. We even have our sprinters fitted with internal aluminium frails as seen below. This enables us to secure goods for safe transit.

Racking 1.jpg
Racking 2.jpg
Racking 3.jpg
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