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Our Moffett Haulage service provides a truck mounted forklift, allowing for delivery of goods in situations where a forklift is unavailable. The perfect solution for delivering goods to construction sites, farms and events such as festivals.

Truck Mounted Forklift

At HRG we offer a Moffett delivery service, to deliver your goods to a variety of sites across the UK. This is the ideal transport solution for locations where a forklift truck is unavailable, allowing us to deliver your goods and place them where they need to be.

The Moffett is a trailer mounted forklift that sits at the back end of the trailer, it is easily detachable allowing us to load and unload your goods efficiently. The forklift itself operates on rough ground, providing great manoeuvrability, making it a perfect delivery solution for farms or construction sites. It can carry around xxxxkgs, so you feels rest assured that your goods can be delivered as required.

For more information or a price contact us on 01422 340 821 or email us

Moffett Delivery
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